Hinged Knee Stabilizer (Neoprene)

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  • Type Moderate Support
  • Indication Patello-femoral disease, patellar injury, patellar dislocation
  • Product Description Neoprene material provide cushioning effect with comfort around knee joint. Velcro hook and loop on hinged knee stabilizer enable initial fitment. Top and bottom Velcro straps ensure better fitment. Neoprene padding around patella ensure extra comfort for patella and hold patella in right positon. Elastic straps around patella provide additional support to patella and ensure patella in right position. Bi-Axle hinges at collateral side ensure free knee movement with support to joint and ligaments. Common for left and right knee.
  • Material Descriptions Made up of neoprene fabric. Bi-Axle hinges on collateral side. Neoprene padding at patella opening. Top and bottom Velcro straps with D – Ring. Elastic straps around the patella. Velcro hook and loop on neoprene.
  • Size S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL