Premium Exercise Band

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Light (Yellow)
Medium (Red)
Heavy (Green)
Ex. Heavy (Blue)
Super heavy (Black)
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  • Type Fitness
  • Indication Quality exercise bands can be used to strengthen, tone, shape muscle as well as for rehabilitation of muscle. Easy and affordable aid to increase strength, stamina, and coordination.
  • Product Description Can be used by individuals and in clinics. Light in weight, compact and portable. Available in 5 different resistance strengths identified by colors.
  • Material Descriptions Made of Latex Free material
  • Size Light (Yellow) 9.9 lbs/4.5 kgs, Medium (Red) 11.6 lbs/5.4 kgs, Heavy (Green) 13.6 lbs /6.2 kgs, Ex. Heavy (Blue) 15.4 lbs, 7.0 kgs and Super heavy (Black) 16.9 lbs / 7.7 kgs