Flamingo Health

Posture Brace

MRP Rs. 925

Inclusive of all taxes

MRP Rs. 925


  • Type Moderate Support
  • Indication Poor posture, Shoulder slump, Pain in thoracic spine.
  • Product Description Shoulder straps to hold shoulder in neutral position to correct posture, semi rigid plastic stays on back to support and hold thoracic region in neutral position, Helps to reinforce back alignment and proper posture with support.
  • Material Descriptions Foam padding at the back for comfort. Additional 2 plastic stays for supporting spine. Monofilament elastic with soft hand feel to hold product below the chest. Shoulder elastic attached to foam padding at the clavicle region that get attached to Velcro loop at the back side of the product.
  • Size S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL