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Pediatric Dorsolumbar Spinal Brace

MRP Rs. 1,350

Inclusive of all taxes

MRP Rs. 1,350


  • Type Firm Support
  • Indication Thoracic/lumbar spondylosis, Post-operative condition, weak. Dorsolumbar region
  • Product Description 4 Metal splints immobilise Thoracic and lumbar region, 2 vertical and 2 horizontal splints form frame structure to ensure firm support to Thoracic and lumbar region, 3 straps on front side for holding brace snugly, Shoulder straps to correct posture and ensure Thoracic region in neutral position.
  • Material Descriptions Made of laminated EVA base, Adjustable shoulder pad with soft foam for comfort. 4 malleable splint, 2 vertical and 2 horizontals. Comes with abdominal attachment and shoulder straps to hold brace snugly
  • Size S, M, L