Osteo-Arthritis Knee Support (Neoprene)

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  • Type Moderate Support
  • Indication Mild to moderate varus/valgus condition, deformity of the knee, arthritis condition
  • Product Description Bi-Axle Hinge on one side to support and correct deformity, 2 double layer monofilament elastic straps to correct deformity angle, with compression and support. Soft Neoprene material ensure no skin irritation and better comfort, Neoprene cushion below patella for patellar support. Additional Velcro strap with D ring on top & bottom for better fitment of OA Knee Support. Pores on Neoprene at the back side of Knee for breathability. Velcro receptive fabric in the front to better adjustment and compression of OA Knee support. Additional flapper on Velcro hook for ease of usage. Different for left and right. Right Varus or Left Valgus & Left Varus or Right Valgus.
  • Material Descriptions Made up of neoprene material, Bi-Axle hinge on one side, mono filament straps, neoprene padding at knee, D- Ring, Velcro receptive fabric.
  • Size S, M, L, XL, XXL