Flamingo Health

Flamingo Pant Style Adult Diaper Unisex | Adult Dry Pants with Odour Lock and Anti-Bacterial Super Absorbent Core | Prevents Rashes and Infection | Color-White

MRP Rs. 650

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MRP Rs. 650
Experience ultimate comfort with Flamingo Adult Diapers Tape Style. The standing leak guard ensures maximum protection from leaks, while the front tapes allow for repeated adjustments, ensuring the perfect fit. The dual-core padding quickly absorbs urine, keeping the skin dry and comfortable. The wetness indicator facilitates early detection, and with multiple front adjustments and refastening, convenience is key. Each single pack contains 10 pieces, making it a health and personal care essential for adults of all ages. Flamingo guarantees quality, and sizes are available in Medium, Large, and Extra Large for a customized fit.