Flamingo Health

Ankle Grip

MRP Rs. 1,050

Inclusive of all taxes

MRP Rs. 1,050


  • Type Moderate Support
  • Indication Ankle sprain & strain, Arthritis, Old age, Chronic ankle instability
  • Product Description Anatomically shaped design for uniform compression across the ankle, soft and cushioning effect with neoprene fabric. Open toe and close heel ensure proper fitment and no swelling around heel area. Monofilament elastic attached at midfoot which can be wrap around ankle in figure 8 shape for better support and comfort. Can be wear inside footwear. Air vent holes at the back side for better breathability. Common for left and right.
  • Material Descriptions Made of neoprene fabric. Velcro hook for proper fitment. Additional elastic figure 8 strap for better compression.
  • Size Universal