Pain Relief Products For Holi

Let Holi Stay Fun: Top Pain Relief Products For Holi

Mar 22, 2024Zero Gravity Communications

Gulal, check. Gujiya and Thandai, check. Water balloons, check. Hot pad for pain relief, check. Flamingo Pain Relief Spray and Cool Eye Packs, check.

Oh, hie. We are preparing a checklist for Holi. You must have a look because festivals are made fun and memorable only with the right preparations. After all, a sudden backache or muscle fatigue after a whole day of playing outside should not leave stains in your memory.

Here are our top pain relief products for Holi.

  • Lacepull Back Belt 
  • Back Comfort Belt
  • Flamingo Pain Relief Spray 
  • Flamingo Herbal Pain Relief Spray

We’ve Got Your Back

Lacepull Back Belt | Back Comfort Belt

Lower back pain is way more common than you can think. In India (2021), 79% of women between 20 and 50 years old suffer from Chronic Lower Back Pain.

With so many preparations and work to do, your back pain can increase. Stay prepared with our support brace.

Made for moderate support during low back pain, the Flamingo Lacepull Back Belt ensures your mood remains joyous and your body pain-free. How? Its mechanical pulley delivers uniform support and controlled compression on each side, thus alleviating discomfort and pain. 

For more mild pain, muscle sprain and back discomfort pick our Back Comfort Belt. Made from high-end and durable elastic, flexible plastic splints and breathable mesh fabric, the support brace feels like a gentle massage.

The Flamingo Back Comfort will ensure your celebrations remain as comfortable as possible.

Pain Off. Fun On.

Pain Relief Spray | Herbal Pain Relief Spray

Yellow splash on the left shoulder, slowly blending in with hues of purple. Then droplets of red Gulal and a tint of green on the chin. Above it, a smile wishing Happy Holi. 

Now that is how you want to be on Holi, not sitting in pain due to accidental muscle sprain or minor injuries. That is why we add our hero pain relief sprays to your Holi preparation list.

Get ahead of the pain with the instant and anti-inflammatory action of our regular and herbal pain relief spray. Known for quick absorption, non-skin irritation and long-lasting effect, you can evert unforeseen minor discomforts coming your way. It helps you tackle muscle pain, joint pain, stiffness, backaches and sudden sprains.

With that, you are set to enjoy your Holi without any discomfort. Add these pain relief products from our list to your cart and you prepare for a Holi filled with smiles, colours, fun and not pain.

Head to Flamingo Health now.

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